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Notice Of Scam Alert To All Our Customers


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Kazzylen - Customer's Attention!!!

1. Users/Clients/Customers are advise not to give their login details or personal bank information to anyone.

2. If you are not the legitimate owner of the account you are prohibited to login and fund the account. If you do so its at your own risk, you will be liable for your actions. Please Note that, any money credited to the account and withdrawn or used by the account virtual card will not be refunded.

3. Please we will not ask you to pay into a personal account or ask you to provide your personal banking information during fund. Eg - Pin, BVN, SSN etc. Be advised.

4. We use a secured payment channel, anything out of our payment channel is deemed fake and scam.

5. If you receive call, SMS, or email asking you to send, transfer money or give out your pin, please kindly ignore or report the issue to the nearest authorities (Law enforcement) closer to you.

6. If you are not funding to use any of our products listed in the website, you are advised not to fund your account.

7. You can confirm from our support team if you are not sure before making payments to our platform Kazzylen, Kazzylen Card and Kallet 

For support feel free to contact us via sup[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Our commitment to fighting financial crime

Experts from Kazzylen provide their insights on issues, events and trends linked to the global fight against financial crime. Be rest assured we are on top of the issue and our security system put in place will help combat issues of fraud arise.
Cybercrime is now one of the world’s leading sources of illicit revenue.

And the cyber threat may now seem greater than ever before with increasing interconnectedness and the widespread adoption of technology, and the moving to fully digital platforms in the cloud. These factors mean that “the attack surface is getting much, much larger,” as pointed out by Cheri McGuire. She added that the attacks themselves have not evolved radically, with the recent high-profile assaults on financial institutions having generally exploited preventable failures.

When people and process rather than technology consistently prove to be the weak links in cybersecurity, it is clear a fresh mindset and approach are critical to address the rapidly expanding attack surface. It’s that awareness that underlies Kazzylen's integrated strategy to manage cyber risk, and informs our approach to combating cyber-enabled financial crime.

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