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Kazzylen Affiliate System for Digital Marketers 

The Affiliate Program provides you with an opportunity to make money by referring customers to the Kazzylen Card and Kallet website. When a virtual dollar prepaid card plan is purchased by your referral, we pay you a percentage for the sale which will be determined by the platform.

How Does This Work For You?

After registering in Kazzylen Card and Kallet website, then click on Affiliate System, you will get a unique link that you should use when promoting Kazzylen Card and Kallet. The link will lead your users to the Kazzylen Card  Kallet homepage and include your unique identifier. Once a user visits the Kazzylen Cardand Kallet website using that link, a special cookie is placed in his browser that will help to identify affiliates if the user purchases a subscription plan. After the user purchases a plan, you get your percentage

Steps On How To Start Using The Affiliate System

Becoming a Kazzylen card and Kallet  Affiliate is easy. Just register as a user by clicking on "Sign Up" or "Create Account" by filling in the registration form and you are ready to go. An affiliate account does not need to be reviewed by our team, it becomes valid right away. Once registered, go to the "Menu or Navigation" section click on Affiliate System and get the unique affiliate link that you can use to invite customers/clients.

Kazzyle Card and Kallet is secured for online, is very useful platform in the sense that you don't have to go to a bank to get one. You can just get one by using the website from your smartphone and its a very secured site with no harm to you.

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