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Secure Prepaid Dollar Credit Card & Gift Cards for Online.


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Kazzylen Card – Secure Prepaid Dollar Credit Card & Gift Cards for Online

We offer a secure virtual prepaid Mastercard, Visa Gift cards that allow you to pay for goods and services online. Our services work worldwide, so you can purchase our virtual prepaid cards from anywhere in the world and use them to pay online on any websites or platform that accept Mastercard or Visa cards. The Kazzylen Prepaid & Gift Card is a pre-funded and re-loadable card that can be used to pay bills and make purchases all over the world. Get Kazzylen Cards, make a purchase or bills payment anywhere you are. Sort out your everyday purchases, online payments with your prepaid card
How Kazzylen Virtual Dollar Card – Makes your life much more easier when it comes to online payment and services. We shouldn’t have to tell you that we’re all about making life easy for you, that’ll be like us blowing our own trumpet and that’s not how we roll in the modern age, our trumpet blows itself (like a thunder). Anyway, let’s get to how the Kazzylen Virtual Dollar Card makes life much more easier for you.
First, what is Kazzylen Virtual Dollar Card?

I know so many things will be running through your mind right now, let’s put it this way;

A virtual card is the same as a physical card, except that it is a digital card (non-physical), and can only be used for online shopping and for making payments online for goods and services. You can get a virtual dollar card in your country. In another perspective we can say, A Virtual Dollar Card is a non-physical dollar-denominated debit card. These forms of debit cards are mostly designed for online payments. And not for anything that requires physical handling like withdrawal of cash, But the focus of this article is the virtual dollar card from Kazzylen Card – ( Secure Prepaid Dollar Credit Card for Online ), so that’s what will be our main focus.

So let’s say, you have your money in your local currency and for some reasons, you need to spend in dollars – Kazzylen Virtual Dollar Card allows you to spend in dollars online without you sweating and it is also accessible without any limit.

Your Kazzylen Virtual Dollar Card (Kazzylen Card) created on the Kazzylen secured website is funded from your country currency account at the current bank exchange rate – no shades, no fear, no hidden charges, only absolute value for your money.

And guess what? If it happens that you have excess dollar on your virtual card, you can always withdraw it and move it back to your Kazzylen Card fund account. Cool? We thought so too hehe.

Reasons To Register and Get The Kazzylen Virtual Dollar Card (Kazzylen Card) today
  1. It weighs nothing, It occupies no physical space whatsoever, not even in your wallet nor your bag.
  2. It is eco-friendly. We are thinking about your convenience and the safety of our planet at the same time – no plastic.
  3. It is pretty secure. You can’t misplace it, not even if you misplace your device. It can’t be stolen. In short, you can’t lose it. (No assurance is greater than this hmm what a smile.).
  4. It doesn’t need to be activated on any other channel like ATM, Banks etc – you won’t be using it there anyway.
  5. There will be nothing for you to worry about on the transfer speed, exchange rate, and transfer fee. You won’t have to worry because there is no waiting time, we eliminated ridiculous transfer fee, and we give you the best exchange rate in the market.
  6. It lets you pay in dollars from your Kazzylen Card account, just like that.
  7. If you have ever been restricted from paying for goods or services on certain websites because you didn’t have a dollar card, you will know just how important it is. Especially if not having that product or service that you have been wanting to get all this while. Well, there is nothing Kazzylen Virtual Dollar Card (Kazzylen Card) can’t solve.
  8. Please beware that Kazzylen Virtual Dollar Card is also a 3D secure payment processing company and we are also PCI-DSS Level 1.
  9. Do we still need to tell you that you’ll be short charging yourself if you don’t get the Kazzylen Virtual Dollar Card (Kazzylen Card)? I leave that to you
Easy Way To Get Started
  1. Visit Kazzylen Card
  3. Register a new Account by filling the registration sign up form and click submit, it will successfully redirect you to your profile
How To Fund Your Account on Kazzylen Card

You can fund your account via bank transfer, your bank credit or debt card, bitcoin, and via Paypal.

Step 1: login to your account profile

Step 2: Click on fund Account

Step 3: Select a payment channel to pay with (Bank Transfer, CoinBase Commerce – for all kinds of Bitcons, PayPal, Flutterwave and PayStack ), we accept local and international payment.

Step 4: Input the amount in dollar minimum $5 dollar.

Step 5: click to proceed

Step 6: Input your card details or transfer via online

Step 7: After successful payment, you will be redirected to your profile.

How to Purchase/Create Kazzylen Virtual Dollar Card (Kazzylen Card)

Step 1 : Login into your profile

Step 2 : Click on Purchase Card

Step 3 : Click on one of the options listed (Basic, Advance, King)

Step 4: Fill in the Form ( Card Name, Card Type, Debit – Account

 Balance, Merchant ID – You can get your Merchant ID from the left side of your panel after account balance)

Step 5: Click the check box for Terms & Condition

Step 6: Click Pay – Automatically your Kazzylen Virtual Dollar Card will be created.

How Do I Top Up My Virtual Dollar Card

Step 1 : Login into your profile

Step 2 : Click on My Virtual Cards

Step 3 : Click on your card to select one of the options listed as Fund

Step 4 : Fill the Amount you want to fund your card

Step 5 : Click Pay

If you need more help or support you can always chat them up or visit their FAQ section page on https://kazzylen.com/dc/fag

Kazzyle Card – Secure Prepaid Dollar Credit Card & Gift Cards for Online, is very useful platform in the sense that you don't have to go to a bank to get one. You can just get one by using the website from your smartphone and its a very secured site with no harm to you.

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